eBoost Juice Cleanse: End of Alpha Reset

14 Jul

Hi all,

Today I wrap up the formal “Alpha Reset” juice cleanse process. It’s been six days and days 1-4 were veggie juice only, day 5 was veggie juice and egg whites, and day 6 (today) is veggie juice, egg whites, and scallops.

While I did not feel a dramatic change in my body, I did notice I was more tired than usual and super mellow. While I typically love going to muay thai, I was in “snuggle” mode and couldn’t imagine punching someone. Instead I just wanted to snuggle (and still d0). My more masculine energy chilled out a bit in the last couple of days.

When I ate the scallops it definitely triggered my taste buds to say “I want more!” even though my stomach was full. It’s such a clear contrast–what my mind/taste buds desire vs. what my stomach requires. I’ll keep up the smaller portions to see what effect it has on my performance.

Week two will be juice with a paleo diet. I’ll slowly incorporate more food into my diet over the next three to five days, always having 1-2 veggies juices per day. Will post pics at end of 30 days so all of this can have time to take effect.



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